Welcome to Discourse

If you ever wondered how to find people to play chess with in real life, as opposed to online, this is the place.

How to get started

  1. Press on the search icon on the top right image and type in you location.

  2. Once you find your city, see if anyone is interested in the game, or offer someone to play. If you don’t find your city, request it here.

    2a. Make sure to specify the time and the location.
    2b. Specify if you have or don’t have the board.
    2c. While we are in pandemic mode, please be sure to wear masks when you play.

  3. Be sure to bookmark your city, to get notified when someone is looking for a game.

  4. Be sure to share this community with others. If we gain critical mass, this can be a one stop shop or all over the board games after the pandemic.


If you have any suggestion on how we can improve this site, create a Topic in the Site Feeback Category.