Newark, New Jersey, USA

If anyone is interested in a game of chess in the Newark area, reply in this topic :slight_smile:

If anyone is around Newark, this or the next weekend, I would love to play a game or two in the Military Park. I can play anytime before 2pm. I have a board and my rating is around ~1200.

Actually, I just passed the Military park, and they have nice tables with chess grid on them :slight_smile: I have the pieces. If anyones is up for a game, let me know. I can do most day after work (6-7pm), and sometimes on the weekends, during the day.

I run a cafe in Newark NJ and we host chess meetups every Saturday at 10 am Method Cafe in Newark NJ. We would love to have you!

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:exploding_head:wow, didn’t know there was such a cafe! I’ll be there this Saturday!! Do many people show up usually?