New York, New York, USA

Anyone looking for a game of chess in New York, reply here.

Be sure to specify:

  • time
  • location
  • if you have a chess board
  • your ELO, if you have one (that way you can get paired with someone your level).

If you know of good locations in the city to find chess partners, please reply here I’ll add them here.

One last ask, please spread around the word about this community in your city, that way we can grow faster and find partners for each other much quicker.

Thanks, and enjoy your games :smiley:

Good Locations to Find Chess Partners

Please check the links to see if those locations are open.


In order to know when someone is playing here, make sure you watch this topic. To do that, scroll all the way down and press the Watching button, like so:

I’m in Bryant Park every Wednesday, around 12:15pm. I do have a board, so if anyone wants to join for a quick game or two would love play :slight_smile: My elo is about 1200.

I will be seating next to the table tennis area.

Hi I don’t know if you still are in NYC every Wednesday around 12:15, but I go to Baruch every Mondays Wednesdays and I have time between 12:00-2:55 to play a few games. I could come to you or vice versa. Unsure if I’ll have a board/clock.

Hey Justin! Yeah, I still go to New York every Wednesday. Sounds great let’s do that. If memory serves me right, the nearest park to Baruch college is the Madison Square Garden Park, right?

Hey-o! When I first found this website I was living in LA but I just moved to NYC. Would love to play a game or two with ya’ll. I’m rated about 1000 on chess .com, also have a board.

Hey @zed!,

That’s awesome, congrats on the move :slight_smile: Let’s play next Wednesday in Bryant Park, around 12pm-1pm. How does that sound?