Los Angeles, California, USA

Anyone looking for a game of chess, reply here.

Be sure to specify:

  • time
  • location
  • if you have a chess board
  • your ELO, if you have one (that way you can get paired with someone your level).

If you know of good locations in the city to find chess partners, please reply here I’ll add them here.

One last ask, please spread around the word about this community in your city, that way we can grow faster and find partners for each other much quicker.

Thanks, and enjoy your games :smiley:

Good Locations to Find Chess Partners

If you know of any locations where it is common to play chess, please let me know down below, I will add them here. Thanks in advance.


In order to know when someone is playing here, make sure you watch this topic. To do that, scroll all the way down and press the Watching button, like so:

Hey ya’ll! I’m currently at the beginning of a new career working for myself and my schedule is really flexible, so if you’re free are odds are I am.

I’m mostly in Santa Monica, Culver City, or dt LA (Fashion District).

Yes, I have a chess board.

Don’t have an official ELO, but my rating on chess.com is usually in the 900’s. I love playing and have played quite a bit, but haven’t ever done any studying (everything I know is from just playing).

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Hi, my name is Heath.

My schedule is all over this place but I can coordinate games week by week.


Small chess board

1600 lichess

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@zed , @Heathcliffs Welcome to the community!!! This is actually a first post where more than one person has replied.

Unfortunately, you guys have a slightly different level, so the game might not be even. However, if it works out feel free to meet and play :slight_smile: Make sure to tell us how it goes.

Btw, do you guys know of good places to play chess in LA? I’ll add them to the first message so people can visit those too.

@rasulkireev, I’m new to LA, so I’n not super familiar with the area.

@Heathcliffs, unlikely you’ll get a good game out of me. But if you’re still down to meet up send me a DM on instagram (@zedlyfe) and we can play. Might end up being more of a teaching thing for you though. I love meeting new people, so I’ll have fun regardless.

Feel free to chat elsewhere, but just to make sure you aware, there is a DM mechanism built in here as well :slight_smile: You can click on the profile and DM there.

I don’t know if any good places yet. Been looking for a casual chess club.

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My name is Mike. I live in Irvine down in orange bounty but drive up to LA to play usually. Santa Monica has a chess park right next to the pier that almost always has someone playing. Also a couple spots in LA county I’ve heard that have games going all the time.


Elo is 1500

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Hey Mike, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links, I will add them to the top message!

If you guys ever end up playing in any of those spots, if you could spread around the word about this community it would be awesome. Thanks a ton in advance.