Buffalo, New York, USA

Anyone looking for a game of chess, reply here.

Be sure to specify:

  • time
  • location
  • if you have a chess board
  • your ELO, if you have one (that way you can get paired with someone your level).

If you know of good locations in the city to find chess partners, please reply here I’ll add them here.

One last ask, please spread around the word about this community in your city, that way we can grow faster and find partners for each other much quicker.

Thanks, and enjoy your games :smiley:

Good Locations to Find Chess Partners

If you know of any locations where it is common to play chess, please let me know down below, I will add them here. Thanks in advance.


In order to know when someone is playing here, make sure you watch this topic. To do that, scroll all the way down and press the Watching button, like so:

Hey! I’m unrated but based on lichess and chess.com I’m ~1000. I live in cheektowaga but willing to drive to get regular games in.

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Hey! Thanks for joining the community!

I live in Newark, NJ, about 6 hour drive. If there is ever an open tournament, or something like that and I’m in town, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: Hope you find someone soon. Make sure to spread the word about this community, that way there is more chance we can find a partner.

Guess I’ll see you in November for the Niagara Falls open!

Yep, yep, yep, that’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile: :partying_face: See you then. Are you planning to participate?

Yeah! It’ll be my first otb tournament so I’ll be playing unrated. I’ve been playing a lot of online chess through the pandemic.

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You folks setting up a weekly recurring meeting? I’m from Buffalo but live in Southern California. I’ll be back in Buffalo in a few months and am always looking for a game.

My elo is 1500 and my name is mike

They used to be a group I played with years ago that would meet every Thursday at the cafe in wegmans up on Niagara Falls blvd in Niagara Falls. That was an older orthodox priest and a doctor who heard it up. Try checking that out

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Hey Mike,

Welcome to the community.

Well, I’m not around Buffalo, so unfortunately can’t commit to a weekly game. There is an 80% chance I will participate in the Niagra Falls Open, this fall, and would love to play some blitz with you guys :slight_smile:

Hey! Right now there is no regular games going OTB. I’d like to get some going regularly again if I can. If you’re in town you’ll have to shoot me an email ajastroud@gmail.com!

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You can also DM here on Discourse :slight_smile: but whatever is easier for you guys :slight_smile: