Amman, Jordan | عمان، الأردن

Anyone looking for a game of chess, reply here.

Be sure to specify:

  • time
  • location
  • if you have a chess board
  • your ELO, if you have one (that way you can get paired with someone your level).

If you know of good locations in the city to find chess partners, please reply here I’ll add them here.

One last ask, please spread around the word about this community in your city, that way we can grow faster and find partners for each other much quicker.

Thanks, and enjoy your games :smiley:

Good Locations to Find Chess Partners

If you know of any locations where it is common to play chess, please let me know down below, I will add them here. Thanks in advance.


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Amman, jordan.
Preferred time on Saturday 12-5 pm or Friday 12-10 pm
Don’t own a chess a board but could buy one if needed.
No official rating, but rated 1800 on
Not really looking for something serious, just people to enjoy playing chess with regardless of rating.

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Welcome to the community!!! Hope you find someone to play with soon :+1:

Are there any places you know of that would be good for a game of chess?

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Hello, I actually have a chess board, but there’s this board game place called locals and we can go there, 5 JDs + a drink and access to all the board games you’d like. Or I can get my board and we can go to a coffee shop.

I’m an amateur and I don’t really have an official score, but I wanna enjoy some chess too. Lemme know if that suits you!

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Never been to locals but it seems nice and I like the idea of café set for multiple boardgames. If more people decide to join us or we want to take a chess board to a café then thats fine, but locals seems great and we can start there.

Don’t worry about ratings, I’m not really concerned about that, just want to find people to enjoy some casual OTB chess with.

Does this friday or Saturday suit you?

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Awesome! Does Saturday 3.30 PM suit you? And would it be okay if my friend joins us?

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3:30 would be good. I would have to leave before 5:30 because I have a thing afterwards. I feel like that’s enough time, right?

And it’s not a problem at all, the more the merrier :blush:

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That’s awesome! I’m happy you guys found each other! Have fun playing :slight_smile:

Also, if it will make sense, could you please spread the word about this community to the people you play with? This way it will be easier to find someone in the future, thanks a ton in advance!


Will do! this website is pretty dope

Absolutely! This is such a cool idea, kudos!

Yeah that’s more than enough time!

I am however an amateur, I want to become better and I want to be more familiar with various strategies as well, so I hope you don’t mind me not being the best at chess!

Also, although they don’t serve any alcohol, but locals is restricted to 21+. They might ask for IDs, so are you 21 or above? Just so this doesn’t cause any inconveniences :+1:t3:

That’s completely fine, I’m no professional either and I hope we can both have fun and maybe learn something new about chess.

Whoa that is a little unexpected XD I’m actually 20 years old. Are they strict about the 21+ thing since they don’t serve alcoholic beverages?

Umm I think it’ll be fine!

See you Saturday!

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Alright hope so😅

See you on Saturday!

Ay lads can I join in as well? I’m not really the best at boardgames but I’m new to Amman and would like to meet new people. Also I’m only 18 so does that mean that they wont let me in? if thats the case then, well unlucky

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Hey @Lorax @DehydratedCow @Ahappyhappyface ,

Did you guys end up meeting?)